Growing with the unexplored

Samaritan, created in 1998 with the objective of serving under-exploited divisions in the market, plans to develop a line of cosmetics with products considered low cost. The other news is for 2019. “We already have a product that will be launched in March in the pharmaceutical sector. It will be something different from what the market is accustomed to consume, “Luciano BIA, president of Samaritan, said in an exclusive interview with the newspaper Giro News. The company also intends to advance in the single price and food channel segments. “The trend is for Samaritan to grow because of a different market interpretation,” adds the president. 
New CD in the Northeast

Currently with a factory in Americana (SP), which serves distributors and pharmacy chains, such as  Abrafarma , Sanfarma intends to modify the delivery mode of the products. “One of our projects for the next year is to set up a distribution center in the Northeast. We will split our distribution in two, one part will be in charge of the CD Sudeste, the other part of the CD Northeast, “explains the executive. The new structure must meet, in addition to the northeastern region, Espírito Santo, Goiás, part of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. “With this we will win 4 to 5 business days, which today we lose in transportation in some regions,” he points out.

Sanfarma in Numbers 
With representatives in all Brazilian states, Samaritan produces about 30 million units monthly and sells 70 items. In the pharmaceutical sector, the company serves around 50 thousand points of sale in the country, in addition to two thousand POS in the segments of domestic utility and small markets. Last year, the manufacturer earned R $ 30 million and aims to reach 15% more this year.

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