Homemade aspirin peeling can cause severe allergy and dermatitis

Beauty recipes with homemade ingredients, which you find on the internet on the hills, can turn into real trappings; such as the egg white mask and yeast to lighten the skin . And what is risky can get even worse when the mix in question involves  medications , such as the popular peeling of aspirin, hailed by youtubers as a solution to lessen blemishes and acne.

Experts explain how this procedure – which usually uses aspirin tablets dissolved in components such as coconut oil and apple cider vinegar – does not bring benefits and can still cause skin problems:

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“Natural, home-made or randomly created recipes can induce irritations, allergies, blemishes or worsen any skin problems. The percentage of salicylic acid for peeling is controlled and should be done in manipulation pharmacies. The dissolution of aspirin at home does not provide the ideal characteristics for it to be considered peeling, “explains dermatologist Helga Clementino.

Difference in composition

Emily Alvernaz, MD, specializing in Dermatology, Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery, Goa Clinic, Rio de Janeiro, explains the main differences between the substance present in aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid, for salicylic acid in cosmetic products:

“They are two substances made up of different chemical molecules within the group of hydro acids. They only have the similar name. The cyclical acid has electrolytic and antibacterial properties, with excellent results in the control of acne. Stylistically acid has analgesic, antipathetic and anti-inflammatory action. “

For Sonia Corazza, a chemical engineer specializing in Cosmetology, the recipe is a disservice: “Aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid and the skin needs is salicylic acid, since the other has no action in controlling oiliness. It is a silly thing to put a pure concentration of acid in the skin, which can harm people predisposing and sensitive to acid and lead to problems such as allergy or contact dermatitis, “he warns.

Stains and allergies

The problems are also punctuated by the specialist in clinical medicine, dermatology and nutrology Cristiane Braga, Clinica Due, in São Paulo: “In patients with more sensitive skin, rosacea or using certain  medications , blemishes may appear. This recipe also does not improve or solve cases of acne, and it is risky to use it. “

The promise of clearing scars and freckles is also not true, according to Emily Alvernaz. “We can only improve these pictures with other more invasive procedures, such as pulsed light and laser,” he says.

But if the aspirin blend with honey, yogurt or other household ingredients has no function, what would be the positive outcome seen by those who did? According to Christian Raga, the peeling sensation that aspirin gives is related to its particles: “Aspirin would be used as an abrasive, to mechanically polish, removing the horny layer of the skin.”

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