Tonic that reverses baldness created by UFMG will be sold in drugstores of BH

The bald on duty who are seeking a place to buy the cosmetic created by UFMG that promises to reverse the hair loss and return the growth to the yarn can already celebrate. The Sanctio will begin to be commercialized in physical stores of Belo Horizonte later this week. Until then, it was only found in virtual stores and the deadline could exceed 15 days.

The novelty was confirmed by Yeva Cosmétiques, a company located in Minas Gerais that is responsible for the manufacture of hair tonic. In the capital of Minas Gerais, Sanctio will be sold in   Araujo drugstores . The expectation of the network is that the cosmetic is available on the shelves as of Saturday (4) in units with a dermacosmetic sector.

In addition to combating baldness, the tonic developed by UFMG also promises to not cause side effects. According to researchers, the use of cosmetics does not cause burning, itching, scaling of the scalp, impotence or enlargement of the breasts, typical of products that treat baldness.

The product can be purchased through the internet for R $ 149


The acceptance of the hair toner was so great that the company does not rule out opening a new factory. “Demand is enormous both in Brazil and abroad. There were people from Canada looking for the product. So we are thinking of expanding to sell outside Brazil, “reports Yeva’s marketing manager, Maria Cristina Batista.

With the growing demand, the factory based in Itaúna, in the West of Minas Gerais, had to make new hirings to meet the demand. “We had to hire employees on the expedition and in e-commerce. And we’re going to make new hires, “he says.

Before starting online sales, in the beginning of last month, Yeva already stocked Sanctio to be able to serve the market. But the demand surprised and was larger than expected. “We made an initial stock of 60,000 units,” he says. Today production is at full steam and the company, which sells the tonic only for retailers, ensures that it caters to all customers. The final price for the consumer is $ 149 for the 20 ml bottle.

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Already on the market since early July, Sanctio has been tested at two different times to check for the occurrence of allergies and other side effects. Initially, 90 volunteers used the cosmetic. Then 60 people applied the product at home for three months.

According to Robson Santos, professor at UFMG and coordinator of the National Institute of Science and Technology in Nanobiopharmaceutical (INCTN), the use is safe, since the components of the formula are produced by the body itself, such as peptides. “There is no side effect known so far. We test in individual evaluations, but the answer depends on the body of each person, “says the researcher.


A problem that affects half the men on the planet, according to the World Health Organization, baldness is treated with substances such as minoxidil, alphaestradiol and finasteride. However, these products can bring adverse reactions to the user, both for the skin as problems of ejaculation and erection and decrease of sexual desire.

The capillary tonic developed by UFMG has bio active (natural) substances and has as a differential the use of nanotechnology. “The active principle of Sanction favors blood flow to the hair follicle, has an antioxidant activity and, in addition, prevents cell death. With these three properties, it exerts an anti-calcium effect, “explains Robson Santos. 

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